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Google restarts updates for some iOS apps after long pause triggered by lack of privacy labels

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:59 (GMT) |

Google over the weekend began to update many of its flagship iOS apps after a lengthy delay caused by the company’s failure to add Apple’s newly required privacy labels in a timely fashion. Though Google earlier this year said it would “soon” begin to add the labels to its apps as they were updated, it […]

President Biden weighs in on Amazon unionization efforts, warns giant to steer clear of threats, coercion

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:55 (GMT) |

Stops well short of ordering govt action as fresh discrimination lawsuit filed

President Joe Biden has weighed into a battle over unionization taking place at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, posting a video in which he warns that it's not up to an employer to decide if their workers unionize and that there should be no intimidation, no coercion, no threats, no anti-union propaganda.

Corporate sustainability initiatives may open doors for carbon offset startups

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:49 (GMT) |

Youre seeing a lot of large companies are now investing significant amounts into really trying to understand their emissions profile and prioritize emission reductions in a data-driven way."

Zoom sees more growth after 'unprecedented' 2020

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:17 (GMT) |

Zoom boss calls working from home "new reality" and predicts growth - but not at last year's pace.

Best Thermal Paste for CPUs 2021: 90 Pastes Tested and Ranked

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:13 (GMT) |

We tested 90 different thermal pastes to help you find the best one to help cool your CPU.

Lime dedicates $50 million to expand e-bikes into 25 more cities - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:09 (GMT) |

The company plans to roll out new and improved hardware, with its latest e-bike set to come out this summer.

All-in-One Device Combines Condenser Mic, Webcam, Ring Light

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:08 (GMT) |

This new Kickstarter from audio and accessory maker Movo is promising to slim down your desk real estate with a new condenser microphone that has a built-in webcam and ring light.

Twitter begins labelling misleading tweets about COVID-19 vaccines - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:58 (GMT) |

It's also introducing a strike system, where five strikes against its coronavirus misinformation policy results in a permanent account suspension.

US Right-Wing Platform Gab Acknowledges it Was Hacked

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:57 (GMT) |

The CEO of Gab, a social network favored by the US political right, said the platform had been attacked by "demon hackers" after an activist group released user data described as an important resource for research on the far right.

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AWS reorganizes DeepRacer League to encourage more newbies

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:53 (GMT) |

AWS launched the DeepRacer League in 2018 as a fun way to teach developers machine learning, and it’s been building on the idea ever since. Today, it announced the latest league season with two divisions: Open and Pro. As Marcia Villalba wrote in a blog post announcing the new league, “AWS DeepRacer is an autonomous […]

Amazon sued for discrimination, harassment and unequal pay by Black senior manager - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:49 (GMT) |

Amazon says it's investigating the lawsuit's claims, filed by Charlotte Newman, who also alleges that a senior Amazon employee sexually harassed and groped her.

Charlotte Newman, Black senior manager, sues Amazon for harassment, discrimination - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:49 (GMT) |

Amazon says it's investigating the claims. Newman alleges that a senior Amazon employee sexually harassed and groped her.

14 best TV shows on Disney Plus - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:47 (GMT) |

Searching for more great shows like WandaVision Let's round up Disney's best gems.

The 36 best movies to see on Disney Plus - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:44 (GMT) |

Looking for entertainment other than Marvel and Star Wars Let's round up the best gems on Disney Plus.

Best electric toothbrush for 2021 - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 04:40 (GMT) |

From whitening power to gum care, here's how to choose the best electric toothbrush.

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