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Google restarts updates for some iOS apps after long pause triggered by lack of privacy labels

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 05:59 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Google over the weekend began to update many of its flagship iOS apps after a lengthy delay caused by the company’s failure to add Apple’s newly required privacy labels in a timely fashion. Though Google earlier this year said it would “soon” begin to add the labels to its apps as they were updated, it […]

Chin up, weary key workers: Google's pushing out a Workspace for frontliners

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 02:15 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

But the Chocolate Factory has workers' privacy at heart. No, really

Google is nudging its G Suite Workspace tools further toward a hybrid workplace with the addition of services aimed at frontline workers, among other tweaks and enhanceme

Would you Looker that: Google bakes in BigQuery caching layer to boost BI interactivity

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 01:33 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

'BigQuery is pretty fast anyway so you'd really need to value the extra speed'

Google has introduced a caching layer in Big Query - its cloud data warehouse - designed to speed up responses to users as they explore and experiment with data.

Google Pixel update lets you take photos underwater, sleep better and more - CNET

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 01:20 (GMT) | cnet.com

The latest update for Google Pixel phones brings several new and improved features.

Google updates Workspace

🕔Mar.02.2021 | 00:02 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Google Workspace, the company’s productivity platform you’ll forever refer to as G Suite (or even “Google Docs”), is launching a large update today that touches everything from your calendar to Google Meet and how you can use Workspace with Google Assistant. Indeed, the highlight here is probably that you can now use Assistant in combination […]

Google adds new productivity tools as companies look to hybrid work - CNET

🕔Mar.01.2021 | 23:26 (GMT) | cnet.com

The features come as businesses plan for a post-pandemic world.

Google seeks to placate AI researchers complaining of Big Brother-like working conditions

🕔Mar.01.2021 | 20:27 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Plus: Deepfake Tom Cruise has arrived on TikTok, and new ML algo that beats humans at classic Atari games

In Brief Lawyers at Google have been criticised by the companys AI researchers for watering down negative language in their academic papers.

Galaxy S21 vs. Pixel 5: Which Android phone should you buy? - CNET

🕔Mar.01.2021 | 20:00 (GMT) | cnet.com

Samsung and Google have each dropped prices of their latest flagships, but which is right for you Here's how the Pixel 5 and S21 stack up.

Apple's ProRaw is why I reach for my iPhone and not my Google Pixel - CNET

🕔Mar.01.2021 | 20:00 (GMT) | cnet.com

The advanced photo format is making the iPhone better for enthusiasts like me.

Best Android phones to buy for 2021 - CNET

🕔Feb.27.2021 | 18:30 (GMT) | cnet.com

Hand-picked by CNET editors, these are the best Android phones you can get right now.

Best Android tablet for 2021 - CNET

🕔Feb.27.2021 | 09:50 (GMT) | cnet.com

Android tablets rarely make the case for ditching your iPad, but that doesn't mean there aren't any good options available. Here are our favorites.

Google looks at bypass in Chromium's ASLR security defense, throws hands up, won't patch garbage issue

🕔Feb.26.2021 | 18:58 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Engineers write off GC abuse because Spectre broke everything anyway

In early November, a developer contributing to Google's open-source Chromium project reported a problem with Oilpan, the garbage collector for the browser's Blink rendering engine: it can be used to break a memory defense known as address space layout randomization (ASLR)

In YouTube's world, parental supervision means: 'Everyone sign in to Google, click once, and trust we get it right'

🕔Feb.26.2021 | 09:57 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

That's what's on offer in new 'supervised' YouTube mode for tweens and teens

YouTube has introduced features that allow for "supervision" of tweens and teenagers, but it only works if kids use their parent or guardians Google account and only offers pre-programmed filters.

Digital trust-busting time? US lawmakers mull how to tame giga-corps Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook

🕔Feb.26.2021 | 05:10 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Remedies to gatekeepers range from nothing to an antitrust breakup

US antitrust legislators held a hearing on Thursday to consider how to limit the power of technology gatekeepers like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook in order to promote competition.

1Password has none, KeyPass has none... So why are there seven embedded trackers in the LastPass Android app?

🕔Feb.26.2021 | 01:39 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Third-party code in security-critical apps is obviously suboptimal, but company says you can opt out

A security researcher has recommended against using the LastPass password manager Android app after noting seven embedded tracking signatures. The company says users can opt out if they want.

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