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The HP Omen gaming laptop offers AMD and Intel flavors for $1,000 and up

🕔Jun.02.2020 | 12:00 (GMT) | idgconnect.com

The HP Omen 15 offers both AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPU choices, and it claims to be the world's smallest gaming laptop for $1,000.

The HP Pavilion Gaming 16 is an $800 gaming laptop with 16 inches of screen

🕔Jun.02.2020 | 12:00 (GMT) | idgconnect.com

The HP Pavilion Gaming 16 offers, yes, 16 inches of diagonal screen size in nearly the same body as a typical 15-inch laptop. The starting price on this gaming laptop is $800.

The HP Reverb G2 upgrades Windows Mixed Reality with Valve's VR design smarts and 4 cameras

🕔May.28.2020 | 16:00 (GMT) | idgconnect.com

Finally, the beleaguered Windows Mixed Reality platform gets an upgrade in the form of the Valve-partnered HP Reverb Gen 2. The main improvement Four tracking cameras. Finally.

Save up to $250 on Asus, HP and Lenovo 2-in-1 laptops at Best Buy - CNET

🕔May.19.2020 | 23:38 (GMT) | cnet.com

Or get a well-rounded HP Envy x360 for only $900.

Hands-on: HP Elite Dragonfly, the first laptop with an integrated Tile tracker

🕔May.18.2020 | 10:30 (GMT) | idgconnect.com

The HP Elite Dragonfly will be an easier laptop to track, thanks to its embedded Tile module.

Quanta Storage tells court: We?d love to hand over the $439m we owe HP Inc but, you know, coronavirus...

🕔May.12.2020 | 04:28 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

If push comes to shove, PC giant could get 0.2% on the dollar in recompense

Quanta Storage has blamed the coronavirus pandemic for failing to hand over the $439m it owes HP.

Florida man might just stick it to HP for injecting sneaky DRM update into his printers that rejected non-HP ink carts

🕔Apr.29.2020 | 06:59 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

World crosses fingers

One mans effort to sue HP Inc for preventing his printers from working and forcing him to use its own branded, and more expensive, ink cartridges can move forward in California.

Ford goes drag racing with 1,400 HP electric Mustang Cobra Jet

🕔Apr.23.2020 | 14:01 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Ford today took the wraps off an electric Mustang prototype. Called Mustang Cobra Jet 1,400, it carries Fords long tradition of drag racing the Mustang. But for the first time, a quiet electric power plant is spinning the slicks instead of a roaring V8. This one-off prototype is said to hit mid-eight second quarter-mile times […]

The HP Envy 15 leads a rebranded product line made for creators

🕔Apr.17.2020 | 14:13 (GMT) | idgconnect.com

The HP Envy 15 leads a laptop line rebranded for creators that puts a lot of substance (high-end CPUs and discrete graphics) behind its stylish design.

Ford Ranger power pack boosts performance to 315 hp - CNET

🕔Apr.16.2020 | 23:21 (GMT) | cnet.com

A few changes unlock 45 additional horsepower for the midsize pickup truck.

AMD Ryzen 4000 Lands in HP Envy 2020 Laptop Lineup

🕔Apr.16.2020 | 19:00 (GMT) | tomshardware.com

The 2020 HP Envy laptops include AMD Ryzen 4000 and compete against Apple MacBook Pros.

Hennessey Jeep Maximus and its 1,000 hp are ready to roll - Roadshow

🕔Apr.08.2020 | 05:20 (GMT) | cnet.com

The high-power Jeep is now in production, and it'll cost a cool $225,000.

Equip your home office with an HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer for just $80 - CNET

🕔Apr.08.2020 | 04:41 (GMT) | cnet.com

Save $50 on a fairly compact color inkjet printer that scans, faxes and does full-duplex printing.

Pre-Installed Utility Renders HP Computers Vulnerable to Attacks

🕔Apr.07.2020 | 11:28 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

A security researcher discovered multiple vulnerabilities in HP Support Assistant, a utility pre-installed on all HP computers sold after October 2012.

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Talk about ill-gotten gains: Coronavirus KOs Xerox's $30bn months-long hostile takeover bid of HP Inc

🕔Apr.01.2020 | 06:19 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

Turmoil in the financial markets fells ambitious acquisition plan

Xerox said on Tuesday that it is ending its hostile bid to acquire printer-and-PC maker HP due to financial complications arising from the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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