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IBM Cloud Satellite now available, 'rooted in Red Hat OpenShift,' says CTO

🕔Mar.01.2021 | 22:15 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Big Blue extends its cloud to run anywhere - including competing public clouds

Interview IBM's multi-cloud (and on-premise) Satellite service is now available, a managed Kubernetes product "rooted in Red Hat OpenShift," according to the company's Cloud CTO Jason McGee.

IBM teases new AIX release ? the first since 2015

🕔Feb.24.2021 | 11:07 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

And guess what Version 7.3 will emphasise hybrid cloud in line with new CEO Arvind Krishnas wishes

IBM has formally announced a new version of its AIX operating system.

Accenture, Capita, IBM jump on

🕔Feb.15.2021 | 17:32 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Fail fast, fail often

The UK's Crown Commercial Services has awarded Accenture, Capita and IBM spots on an

IBM Storage: Squeezing Enterprise Value into Smaller Form Factors

🕔Feb.10.2021 | 13:48 (GMT) | eweek.com

eWEEK STORAGE ANALYSIS: The new FlashSystem 5200 is a good example of how to squeeze enterprise-class capacity, performance and other innovations into flexible, affordable packages suitable for any size organization.

IBM quietly announces Power-powered private cloud in a rack to 'evolve' your apps

🕔Feb.10.2021 | 09:36 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Converged infrastructure with an off-ramp from AIX to Red Hat OpenShift and all things cloud-native

IBM has quietly announced its Power Private Cloud Rack solution, a converged infrastructure product that offers an off-ramp from AIX and a path into the wonderful world of cloud-native applications.

Brit IBM veteran wins unfair dismissal case after 2018's Global Technology Services redundancy bloodbath

🕔Feb.04.2021 | 17:25 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Represented himself, but judge denies last-minute attempt to make it an age discrimination claim

A long-serving IBMer has won an unfair dismissal lawsuit after representing himself against a qualified barrister although his related discrimination claim was struck out by the judge.

IBM promises 100x faster quantum computers through new software foundations - CNET

🕔Feb.04.2021 | 13:24 (GMT) | cnet.com

Big Blue's open-source software efforts span the basics of quantum computing to higher-level jobs like AI and molecular simlutations.

IBM cloud tries to subvert subscriptions with pricing plan that stretches some discounts

🕔Feb.01.2021 | 14:30 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

May be a decent AWS alternative - if sudden 106 percent cloudy DB2 price hike doesnt scare you off

IBMs trying a new pricing plan to lure more folk to its cloud.

As the world turns to big names in cloud and IT to get through the pandemic, IBM still manages to shrink

🕔Jan.22.2021 | 09:12 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Red Hat and off-prem see growth while revenue, profit down overall

IBM on Thursday reported $20.4bn in revenue for its Q4 2020 earnings results, a decline of six per cent, and $73.6bn for the full year, down 4.6 per cent year-on-year.

IBM transformation struggles continue with cloud and AI revenue down 4.5%

🕔Jan.22.2021 | 05:43 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

A couple of months ago at CNBCs Transform conference, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna painted a picture of a company in the midst of a transformation. He said that he wanted to take advantage of IBMs $34 billion 2018 Red Hat acquisition to help customers manage a growing hybrid cloud world, while using artificial intelligence to […]

IBM still spending its way to cloud relevance with Taos purchase

🕔Jan.15.2021 | 20:10 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Hybrid Multi-cloud Big Blue has a consultant for that

IBM is to snaffle San Jose-based consulting outfit Taos as it seeks to bolster its cloud biz.

IBM leads U.S. patent list for 2020 as total numbers decline 1% in pandemic year to 352,000

🕔Jan.12.2021 | 18:21 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

One year in, the Covid-19 global health pandemic continues to have something of a dragging effect on many aspects of life, but today a key bellwether for how technology is developing underscored how the industry continues to march on. The number of patents granted in the US in 2020 totaled 352,013, representing a decline of […]

Quantum computing research helps IBM win top spot in patent race - CNET

🕔Jan.12.2021 | 18:13 (GMT) | cnet.com

These exotic, radical new machines remain have matured enough to secure a place at the CES tech show.

Old hand at NewCo: IBM re-hires former CFO to run soon-to-be-spun-out Global Tech Services division

🕔Jan.07.2021 | 21:08 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Martin Schroeter gets keys to New Co due to launch at end of 2021

IBM has tapped up its former chief beancounter Martin Schroeter to run the breakaway IT infrastructure services division scheduled to launch at the end of next year.

AWS vs. IBM: Cloud Storage Comparison

🕔Jan.06.2021 | 07:14 (GMT) | enterprisestorageforum.com

Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud are two of the biggest cloud providers, with each offering industry-leading data storage tools.

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