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Korean prosecutors seek arrest warrant for Samsung's heir apparent

🕔Jun.05.2020 | 10:57 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Fraud allegations regarding health company transaction mean more strife for Lee Jae-yong

South Korean prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for Samsung Group heir, Lee Jae-yong, as part of a investigation into an alleged $3.9bn accounting fraud.

Samsung heir reportedly target of arrest warrant request for accounting fraud - CNET

🕔Jun.04.2020 | 12:52 (GMT) | cnet.com

Jay Y. Lee, who had acted as de facto Samsung head, had previously been convicted of bribery, perjury and embezzlement.

Keep it clean you lot: Samsung's created a hand-washing app for its wearables

🕔Jun.04.2020 | 12:27 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Complete with nagware and wash-tracking features

Users of Samsungs wearable devices can now get their hands on a hand-washing app that runs on their wrists.

Prosecutors seek arrest warrant against Samsung heir Jay Lee

🕔Jun.04.2020 | 11:38 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

South Korean prosecutors said on Thursday that they have filed an arrest warrant for Samsung’s vice chairman and anointed heir Jay Y. Lee and two other former company executives over an alleged accounting fraud and a controversial merger back in 2015. Lee, whose father is Samsung’s chairman, has previously denied charges. Samsung cannot be immediately […]

Samsung AR glasses patent shows off turn-by-turn navigation function - Roadshow

🕔Jun.04.2020 | 05:09 (GMT) | cnet.com

Think of it like a HUD that's on at all times.

Samsung launches hand-washing app for Galaxy Watch - CNET

🕔Jun.03.2020 | 21:44 (GMT) | cnet.com

An alarm will ring to remind you to wash your hands.

Samsung Launches Aggressively-Curved Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor

🕔Jun.02.2020 | 22:21 (GMT) | tomshardware.com

The Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor has a 1000R curve, 240 Hz, and adaptive-sync.

Sorry, Samsung Pay: How Google Pay found its way to my heart (and wallet) - CNET

🕔Jun.02.2020 | 20:05 (GMT) | cnet.com

Commentary: I used to love, love, love Samsung Pay. But now its killer feature no longer feels so vital.

Samsung Expands NAND Production Capacity to Meet 2021 Mobile & Data Center Demand

🕔Jun.02.2020 | 18:52 (GMT) | tomshardware.com

Samsung anticipates a future where more NAND is needed

'Cursed' wallpaper image reportedly crashes Samsung, Google, other phones - CNET

🕔Jun.02.2020 | 05:07 (GMT) | cnet.com

Using a specific wallpaper image causes some phones to soft-brick.

Samsung Access subscription program gives upgrade plan to latest Galaxy devices - CNET

🕔Jun.01.2020 | 22:55 (GMT) | cnet.com

A new program to make sure you always have a fresh Galaxy.

Samsung teams with Microsoft to ensure you'll never stop paying for phones

🕔Jun.01.2020 | 14:51 (GMT) | idgconnect.com

Samsung has launched Access, a new subscription for the Galaxy S20 that includes Office 365.

Samsung to add new memory chip line in South Korea as COVID-19 boosts demand

🕔Jun.01.2020 | 10:12 (GMT) | feeds.reuters.com

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Monday it has begun construction of a new domestic production line for NAND flash memory chips, betting on demand for personal computers and servers as the coronavirus prompts more people to work from home.

Samsung's The Terrace costs $3,500. But do we even need outdoor TVs? - CNET

🕔May.31.2020 | 20:00 (GMT) | cnet.com

The new line of weather-resistant QLED TVs is shipping now, along with an optional patio-friendly soundbar.

Best Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E cases - CNET

🕔May.30.2020 | 06:00 (GMT) | cnet.com

If you're looking for a case for your Galaxy S10, whatever flavor it is, here's an assortment of our top picks.

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