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Xiaomi has such Huawei with words: Our two new phones have 'easy access' to Google apps... unlike that other guy

🕔Jun.03.2020 | 23:46 (GMT) | go.theregister.com

Who's in China and not involved in the deployment of 5G, eh We are!

Xiaomi has formally launched its latest phones for the UK market, the Redmi Note 9 Series, with an interesting dig at fellow corporate citizen Huawei as it bids to become the successor to that company in the West.

AMD Ryzen 4000-Powered Xiaomi RedmiBook Laptops Start at $530

🕔May.27.2020 | 01:46 (GMT) | tomshardware.com

Xiaomi has launched the RedmiBook 13, RedmiBook 14 and RedmiBook 16 laptops that use AMD's Ryzen 4000-series Renoir APUs.

Xiaomi?s investment house of IoT surpasses 300 companies

🕔May.22.2020 | 16:26 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Xiaomi, the Chinese comapny famous for its budget smartphones and a bevy of value-for-money gadgets, said in a filing on Thursday that it has backed more than 300 companies as of March, totaling 32.3 billion yuan ($4.54 billion) in book value and 225.9 million yuan ($32 million million) in net gains on disposal of investments […]

Vodafone woes far from over for Xiaomi Mi 9 owners amid complaints of leaky batteries and voicemails in Romanian

🕔May.21.2020 | 16:00 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

Dupa ton va rugam sa lasati un mesaj

Efforts to rectify Xiaomi Mi 9 users losing the ability to connect to the cellular network after a Vodafone-issued patch have had mixed results, with some punters able to use their phones as normal but others suffering weird side effects.

Xiaomi gets first-quarter sales boost as smartphone demand rebounds

🕔May.20.2020 | 18:14 (GMT) | feeds.reuters.com

Xiaomi Corp reported a 13.6% rise in first-quarter revenue on Wednesday, beating estimates, as the Chinese smartphone maker sold more phones and benefited from sales of its higher-priced 5G models.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi reports 13.6% rise in first-quarter revenue

🕔May.20.2020 | 17:13 (GMT) | feeds.reuters.com

Xiaomi Corp reported a 13.6% rise in first-quarter revenue on Wednesday, beating estimates even as demand for its smartphones plunged amid the coronavirus pandemic that has also rattled supply chains in China.

MIUI importante! Xiaomi's updated Android fork bears better permissions plus new ultra-battery-saver mode

🕔May.20.2020 | 00:43 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

Revoke an app's access with a tap

The latest version of Xiaomi's Android fork MIUI 12, released today introduces several features including new permissions notifications, and an ultra-battery-saver mode designed to stretch out a phone's standby time for as long as possible.

Xiaomi releases MIUI 12 global update with more privacy controls, revamped user interface

🕔May.19.2020 | 22:16 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Xiaomi on Tuesday unveiled the global version of MIUI 12, the latest update to its Android -based operating system, for hundreds of millions of smartphones as the Chinese electronics giant pushes to broaden its services ecosystem. The world’s fourth largest smartphone firm said it is delivering a range of new features to its overseas users […]

Xiaomi Mi 9 owners furious after dodgy Vodafone software patch bricked their mobes

🕔May.14.2020 | 16:00 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

No calls, no texts, no data

A software update issued by Vodafone for the Xiaomi Mi 9 phone has left some users unable to connect to the cellular network, preventing them from making calls, sending texts, and accessing mobile data.

India's investment policy upsets Xiaomi, Oppo's consumer finance plans

🕔May.14.2020 | 13:37 (GMT) | feeds.reuters.com

Tougher scrutiny of foreign investment in India has soured the plans of China's smartphone manufacturers seeking to expand beyond selling hardware for a bigger share of the South Asian country's competitive financial services market.

Press F2 to pay respects. New Xiaomi Poco Pro has 5G, top-drawer Snapdragon chippery, 64MP camera

🕔May.12.2020 | 23:52 (GMT) | go.theregister.co.uk

Flagship killer at a lower cost, though 500+ isn't exactly budget

Xiaomi has lifted the lid on the much-anticipated successor to 2018's Pocophone F1 flagship killer: the Poco F2 Pro. The handset, which starts at 500, packs Qualcomm's top-tier Snapdragon 865 platform and a 64MP quad-camera setup.

Xiaomi spinoff POCO?s F2 Pro undercuts Android rivals with low price and flagship features

🕔May.12.2020 | 20:08 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

POCO, a brand that spun out of Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi earlier this year, today launched the POCO F2 Pro smartphone as it continues its new journey as an independent firm. The POCO F2 Pro, like its two-year-old sleeper hit predecessor Pocophone F1 smartphone, punches above its price class. It features an all-screen 6.67-inch full-HD+ […]

Xiaomi, Samsung and others begin to resume smartphone production in India

🕔May.08.2020 | 17:32 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung, Oppo and other smartphone companies have received approval from some state governments in India to partially resume manufacturing and assembling of devices amid the ongoing lockdown in the worlds second largest handset market that completely shut operations at these plants in late March. The companies said that they have secured permission to […]

Xiaomi launches Mi Commerce in India to boost sales amid lockdown

🕔May.05.2020 | 20:57 (GMT) | feedproxy.google.com

Xiaomi today launched a new e-commerce service in India that allows people in the nation to easily browse and order its handsets and other products from nearby physical retail stores as the Chinese giant rushes to kickstart its sales in its biggest overseas market. Dubbed Mi Commerce, the service allows people to locate nearby stores […]

Xiaomi releases browser update after accusations it collects private browsing data - CNET

🕔May.05.2020 | 13:37 (GMT) | cnet.com

Xiaomi's software updates lets users to turn off data collection while on incognito mode on its default browsing apps.

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